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Top Soil and Dirt

Topsoil - is the upper layer of soil, typically the top 2-3 inches, which contains the highest concentration of organic matter and nutrients that support simpler plant life such as grasses, bedding plants and other foliage with shallow root systems. Tennessee soil from Nashville and middle Tennessee is largely a clay composition that needs to be improved in order to sustain a high quality lawn or planted area. Topsoil is available as "screened". Topsoil is the primary manner to improve your planting area although blending in compost, sand or fertilizers will greatly improve the overall quality of your soil.

Reliable Lawn Care Top Soil

Fill Dirt - is used to fill a hole or depression, or to build-up an area. Fill dirt can provide a long term solution to level an area whereas filling an area with organic matter (leaves, logs, etc.) will not. As organic matter decomposes the area will collapse and the depression will return. Fill dirt is usually subsoil and contains little organic matter or plant sustaining nutrients although during the clearing of land it may become mixed with stumps, limbs, rocks, concrete or other elements. Fill dirt is usually obtained from excavation done on construction sites. Fill dirt should be used as a method to level an area prior to paving or to assist  as a substrate which can be topped with topsoil. Areas using fill dirt should be thoroughly soaked with water to pack the dirt so that a true evaluation may be made as to the true level of the filled area.

Reliable Lawn Care and Landscaping can provide the delivery of top soil or fill dirt, gravel or sand in the Nashville, Hendersonville and Gallatin area. Whether you have holes to fill or an area of the lawn that needs to be level or maybe you want to improve the area near the foundation of your home by elevating the grade, Reliable Lawn Care can assist you with these concerns. We have professional machinery from a Bobcat skid steer and harley rake attachments that are necessary to provide these services.

If you have a lawn that just wont produce good turf, you have a few options. These include adding top soil to your lawn or possible starting over by harley raking the existing turf, removing and disposing of the spores and applying fresh top soil and seeding the lawn. Of course if you want instant results, sod is always a nice option.

How to figure out how many yards you need: 
Length in feet x Width in feet x depth in inches as a fraction ( 1" = 1/12 or .083) gives
you cubic feet.  Then divide by 27 to get cubic yards. 

For example, you have 50 feet by 30 feet you want to fill with 2 inches of dirt. 
50x30x.167 = 250.5 cubic feet divided by 27 = 9.27 yards.

Typical coverage for One Cubic Yard
at 1/4" = 1296 square feet
at 1/2" =  648  square feet
at 1"    =  324  square feet
at 2"    =  162  square feet