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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance TN

Are you tired of cutting your own grass or just not happy with your current service?

Allow our highly trained and experienced maintenance crew to care for your investment. Rest assured that when we cut the grass and prune your plants, we are doing it in an educated manner. Maintenance is the only way to keep your lawn and landscape at an optimum level. Regular pruning, proper fertilization, and a weed control program along with cutting the grass at the recommended height for the type of turf is the best way to assure a lush and healthy lawn and plants.

Lawn Maintenance Services Available:

Lawn Maintenance Nashville Tennessee, White House & Surrounding areas.

Regular Mowing - The core areas will be mowed as often as needed to maintain a neat appearance at all times. The amount of cuts will vary based on weather conditions through the growing season. Reliable Lawn Care & Landscaping mowing recommends mowing to be done on a weekly basis for most properties and every five days for excessive growth of healthy lawns. The cutting height will not be less than 3 inches for most turf to avoid scalping. Bermuda turf or Zoysia turf grass are exceptions. Included with the basic lawn maintenance mowing is weed eating, edging, and blowing of sidewalks, driveways, patios, paved and curbed areas.

Trimming - This service includes trimming of shrubs, small trees, low limbs, and pruning. This is recommended 2-3 times per season and may be trimmed as often as requested to maintain the best appearance possible. All debris shall be removed from the property or disposed in a designated area specified by the client.

Edging - All walkways and curbs are edged as needed. Trees rings and mulch beds can be edged as well to provide good definition from grass mulch. This procedure is maintained by weekly weedeating.

Turf Weed Control - We recommend all clients to have some degree of a lawn treatment program. Turf and ornamental programs are the most affective way to establish a healthy lawn. The fertilization program suggested is as follows:

  • Application 1 -(February-March) This treatment contains a broadleaf weed control, balanced fertilizer, and a pre-emergence weed control in order to prevent crab grass
  • Application 2 - (March-April) Fertilization and broadleaf weed control
  • Application 3 -(May-June) Lawn Fertilizer and weed control. This application is applied to meet the needs of a lawn based on weather conditions and individual problems that may be present
  • Application 4 -(July-August) Lawn Fertilizer and weed control. This application is a granular balanced fertilizer
  • Application 5 - (September-October) A granular balance fertilizer may be used. This application is very important because it is coordinated with fall preparation for aeration and overseeding and eliminates existing weeds
  • Application 6 -(November-December) This treatment an effective winterizer to green up a lawn during the cold months and to help control weeds for the preparation for the next Spring.

Spring Cleanup- this service is a clean up to begin the mowing season and to mulch up any existing leaves and to clear debris from mulch beds and pick up sticks and limbs.

Fall Cleanup - service may include much of the same as a spring cleanup with extra attention to leaf removal and cleaning of gutters, if requested.

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